Carlos Hyde and the Lost Art of the Stiff-Arm

Published on 3-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Carlos Hyde and the Lost Art of the Stiff-Arm

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in San Francisco, the Dallas Cowboys overcame an early 14-point deficit to defeat the 49ers, 24-17.

However, please forgive Cowboys defensive back Barry Church for being a bit preoccupied and possibly disoriented.  

Displaying a complete lack of manners and sensitivity, Niners tailback Carlos Hyde unleashed a ferocious stiff-arm on the unsuspecting Church during a surprisingly eventful second-half carry.

Have a look at this perfectly legal assault on human decency.

That is sexy.

Mr Hyde has a reputation for physical running, but this was something else entirely.

Although the actual gain was minimal, this run featured agility and awareness with the cutback, and of course, the aforementioned brutality of the open-handed punch masquerading as a stiff-arm.

Church, to his credit, tried to play it off with a bit of posturing after the play, but it's clear dude will be forever changed in a deep and profound way.

One day, perhaps very soon, the NFL will be forced to legislate most of the violence out of the game.

However, until that day, let us all bear witness to Carlos Hyde and his magic stiff-arm.