Captain Rex Ryan Causing Massive Jet Crash

Published on 21-Mar-2013 by Davis McGregor

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Captain Rex Ryan Causing Massive Jet Crash


That’s one sound that will echo even more next year, as MetLife stadium could resemble a canyon more than an NFL venue.

It’s a shame that ever-growing patches of empty seats will blight the stadium's panorama every Sunday that Rex Ryan leads the circus he calls a team out onto the field. Still, there's a bright side. I'm going to have no problem getting dirt-cheap tickets.

Why would I go to Jets games? Well, it's a short-term dream of mine to see Mark Sanchez butt-fumble in person.

After all the attention he got last year from that maneuver, I can only hope lightning strikes twice. Let's face reality. With Sanchez, it's possible. Remember how exasperated Pete Carroll was at USC when Sanchez declared early for the NFL draft? Remember how he insisted Sanchez wasn't ready? No wonder he wanted control of player personnel when he took the job in Seattle! Dude has a clue.

If only the Jets front office did. What were they thinking?

That one play did a fairly decent job of summing up the Jets’ season in 2012. Incredibly, that bumbling momentum carried on through to their off season. In a twisted attempt to get better, Ryan and GM John Idzik have begun cutting all their best players. Salary cap issues? Great excuse. And if they do want to hide behind it, who put them in that alleged position in the first place? Oh, right.

At least the Jets still have Revis. For the time being, at least. If there's even a hint of substance to all the public talk, it looks like he, too, will be leaving New York. How long before most of the fan base follows? Even Fireman Ed gave up on his beloved Jets last November by handing off his sacred duty of starting the "J-E-T-S" chant to someone else. (That's a statement in itself, when the new leader can only be described as 'someone else.')

The bottom line looks obvious: Ryan needs to be the one leaving, not Darrelle Revis, and not Shonn Green.

Once they cut ties with the Footy, it’ll be clear skies around the Meadowlands.

There may still be Jets, but there won't be many passengers.