Captain Backup Ready for Action

Published on 12-Nov-2013 by Raoul Duke

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Captain Backup Ready for Action

It appears Matt Flynn will be re-signing with the Green Bay Packers.

This comes in the wake of injuries to Aaron Rodgers and perennial understudy Seneca Wallace over a two-week period.

It brings Flynn full circle in an incredibly short period of time.

Flynn's had an interesting couple of years. Essentially, the former LSU Tiger parlayed two quality starts for the Packers while playing second fiddle to Rodgers into a three-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks in excess of $20 million.

This sort of thing always works out, yes?

Well, not so much.

Flynn was brought to Seattle in 2012 with the probable expectation of starting, but was beaten out by the erstwhile Colorado Rockies washout and Seahawks' third-round pick Russell Wilson. He appeared briefly in three games with the Seahawks, and was subsequently traded to the Oakland Raiders in April 2013.

Many believed that Flynn had a reasonable chance of winning the starting gig with the Raiders, because it is, well, you know, the Raiders. But alas, it was not too be, and Flynn was beaten out yet again, this time by Terrelle Pryor.

Flynn did start one game in Oakland after Pryor was concussed, but performed in a decidedly mediocre fashion in a home loss, and was released just a week later.

Due to the predictable attrition at the quarterback position in the NFL, Flynn was able to catch on with the Buffalo Bills, who have been ravaged by injury at quarterback. Flynn stuck around for three weeks, never seeing the field, and served only as emergency position depth.

Which brings us full circle back to the Pack.

It's extremely logical for Flynn to return to Green Bay at this time. There's a clear need at the moment, and Flynn always seemed comfortable and popular with the team and city. More importantly, he was also very productive with his limited playing time and is quite familiar with the system.

Flynn is by all accounts a good dude and a fine, upstanding citizen, but it has become abundantly clear that he won't be starting full-time in the NFL.

I think he should embrace this inevitable reality, and once again don the knit cap with pride and dignity.