Browns Win; Still Cling to 2017's Top Draft Pick

Published on 25-Dec-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Browns Win; Still Cling to 2017's Top Draft Pick

They had it. They lost it. And now they have it back.

What's more, Johnny Manziel wouldn't be in the draft pool next June.

The Cleveland Browns were in control of their upcoming destiny with an 0-16 record.

And then, the San Diego -- for now -- Chargers botched two late-game shots at keeping that goose egg in Cleveland's season record:

OK, full marks to the players who were still out there, trying to justify their paychecks.

Up until this game, they'd handled tanking the right way, ie- the Browns weren't good enough to tank.

But as of this moment, Cleveland's still got dibs on the dais come draft day due to the Trent Baalke 49ers dominating one team this season.

Fortunately, the Browns will be doing battle in Pittsburgh in Week 17, while the Niners are hosting Seattle. Both bottom dwellers' opponents are jockeying for playoff positioning, so no one's gonna be rolling out the subs.

Once those results are finalized, attention will turn to what Cleveland actually does with the first pick.

Of all years to be devoid of an obvious franchise slinger, it'd been when the Browns have their pick of the litter. It wouldn't be a surprise for them to dangle it for an established QB. And frankly, at this point, Cleveland doesn't need surprises.

Like an upset in Steeltown.