Browns' Richardson out until August with Leg Injury

Published on 4-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Browns' Richardson out until August with Leg Injury

The 'Cleveland curse' has hit running back Trent Richardson. Again.

He'll be forced to sit out most of the off-season workouts because of a strained muscle in his shin.

A source close to the team says they are being  "ultra-cautious" due to concern that the injury could develop into a stress fracture.

How bad could this injury be?

The source invoked the words "Kevin Ware of Louisville" as a comparison. Ouch!

According to reports in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a teammate of Richardson's stepped on his shin in practice two weeks ago. This is Richardson's fourth injury since signing with the Browns in 2012.

As a rookie, Richardson has had two knee surgeries, and he played with cracked ribs last season.

If you don't believe the Cleveland Browns got on the wrong side of a voodoo maven, all you have to do is look at their history and ask Trent Richardson.

Richardson didn't have that many injuries in his three years at Alabama and now, this is his fourth injury in 16 months.

Richardson supposedly said he doesn't want to be known as an injury-prone player; unless he can get everyone to buy into the Cleveland angle, he's probably out of luck. Again.