Browns LB Charged for Soliciting a Prostitute

Published on 26-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Browns LB Charged for  Soliciting a Prostitute

This was not a good week if you were a player from the state of Alabama.

First, Rolando McClain was arrested, then DJ Fluker got in trouble because of a bad tweet, now Quentin Groves has been arrested for trying to put up a hooker.

Groves, who used to play linebacker at Auburn, was caught up in a prostitution sting on April 17 and was arrested.

According to the police report, Groves made arrangements for certain acts ... and requested 'full service' and stated he would bring condoms to a female police officer. Not smart.

For his part, Groves says he is sorry for  what he has done.

 "I am committed to learning from this and moving forward," he commented, making no allusions to what that means when McClain says it.

He continued to say that he let his family, the Browns, and the city of Cleveland down. Groves just signed a two-year contract for almost $3 million dollars last month (sound familiar, Baltimore?).

It seems like Groves and McClain waited and played the good guy game long enough so they could get signed. Once that was done, they went out there and acted like fools.

Groves is big-time NFL star; surely you'd think he could go into any bar in Cleveland and find himself a woman that he doesn't have to pay $200 to spend the night with him. If he can't, then may be he should try, eHarmony, or for those short-term needs, Sugar Daddy for Me.

If those don't work, he can at least get his money back. His dignity, however, has left the building.

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