Broncos' Miller Suspended Four Games for Violating Drug Policy

Published on 23-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Broncos' Miller Suspended Four Games for Violating Drug Policy

Lost in all the Ryan Braun drama was that one of the NFL's best linebackers was suspended for drug use, as well.

The Denver Post is reporting that back in 2011, Miller tested positive for marijuana and amphetamines his rookie season. But under the NFL's substance abuse policy, players who test positive for recreational or illegal prescription drugs are not suspended after the first positive test but are punished for positive tests once in the league's drug program.

Miller claims through Twitter that he did nothing wrong. 

"Seeing reports abt 4 game susp. I know I did nothing wrong. I'm sure this'll be resolved fairly. Disapp. Broncos have 2 open camp like this."

Miller sounds confident that he'll be exonerated. (Wonder if we can get get Aaron Rodgers to place a bet on this, too.)

Until he wins or loses his appeal, Miller can participate in practices and pre-season games.

The linebacker's latest problems are just part of a series of incidents that have happened to the Denver Broncos in the past few weeks, which included top executives being suspended for drunk driving.

John Elway must be saying something like, 'Ddid I sign on for this?'

He'd probably rather deal with Tebowmania.

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