Brett Favre Redefines Grizzled with Majestic Beard

Published on 4-Feb-2014 by Raoul Duke

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Brett Favre Redefines Grizzled with Majestic Beard

Former quarterback and accomplished ironman Brett Favre recently emerged from seclusion on Super Bowl Sunday to conduct a number of interviews.

Favre not only dispensed his special brand of folksy football wisdom, he also showed off some spectacular facial hair, thereby providing a measuring stick for all present and future beards to be judged.

The Wrangler jeans pitchman appeared via satellite from his home in Mississippi. The wooded area behind his house seemed somehow appropriate and blended well with the outdoorsman vibe of the beard. You almost got the impression that Favre would be returning to the vast wilderness immediately after the interview concluded, where he would forage for sustenance and kill large animals, presumably with his bare hands.

In a segment for the NFL Network prior to the big game, Favre and his beard discussed the legacy of Peyton Manning and made an awful lot of sense in the process.

"I don't think he has anything to prove," Favre explained. "I think the thought from anyone that he has to win this game [for his legacy], I think is absolutely ridiculous."

The Old Man and the Beard continued.

"Would he like to have more Super Bowl wins and he may have two after today? Sure. But I think what he has done is unbelievable ... I think quarterbacks get labeled with wins and losses and it's unfair because it's a team game. Peyton can play great today and they could lose. He could play not very well and they could win ... Whether or not he wins this game, I don’t think it has anything to do with [his legacy]."

These are all reasonable points. Of course, we know how the game turned out. One could argue that Favre is being transparently self-serving with these remarks, considering the fact that he also has just the one ring like Peyton, and that perhaps he is attempting to protect his own legacy, but never mind that.

This is about the beard.

I am at once in awe and fearful of the beard. Actually, I am convinced the beard could become sentient at some point in the near future and destroy us all. It may appear friendly, but we should probably prepare for the worst just in case.

You have been warned.