Brees: Manziel Could Be Great NFL QB

Published on 12-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Brees: Manziel Could Be Great NFL QB

Johnny Manziel has a new fan in his corner.

It's New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Also a native of Texas, Brees believes that -- despite some rumblings about Manziel being able to cut it in the pros -- he told Fox Sports Manziel could be an excellent NFL quarterback.

"Yeah, absolutely," said Brees. "He is a heck of a player."

"He's fun to watch. He makes all kinds of plays. He's got all the playmaking ability to be a great player. [There are] guys like [Manziel] in this league. Russell Wilson and his ability to run the football and extend plays outside the pocket and throw the ball down the field. Intermediate [routes]. I mean, he can do it all."

Some of the same questions being asked about the current Texas A&M signal caller and social butterfly are his size and arm. This was the same stuff that was being asked about Brees when he was coming out of Purdue.

But Brees has proven the experts wrong. He's one of the top NFL passers of all-time and has won a Super Bowl, and he needs tall cleats to stand over 6'0 tall. (His bio exaggerates.)

No one questioned Brees' attitude or heart. The same can be said about former Heisman Trophy quarterback Doug Flutie. 

Manziel's immaturity may be the main concern of NFL scouts, more than his ability to play. Let's face it, this is a corporate, button-down league that only tolerates individualism if it can make big promotional bucks for the collective.

So, will Manziel's skills and attitude work in the NFL?

Who knows, but someone will definitely take a chance on him. After all, this is the NFL. And they don't guarantee very much in their contracts.