Brandon Browner Has Impossibly Awful Game

Published on 8-Dec-2015 by Raoul Duke

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Brandon Browner Has Impossibly Awful Game

The New Orleans Saints played surprisingly well on Sunday, pushing the unbeaten Carolina Panthers to the brink before coughing up a late lead in a 41-38 home loss.

While the effort was admirable from a team that's fallen out of playoff contention, the Saints defense continues to struggle badly. One particular player has provided a consistent thread of futility throughout this lost season.

Looking at you, Brandon Browner.

Browner v Allen

The former Seahawks and Patriots cornerback didn’t disappoint at the Superdome. His uncanny ability to flagrantly disregard the rules was on full display, as the once-competent player committed a number of silly penalties, ranging in scale from your garden variety holding call to the more gratuitous 15-yard personal foul.

Browner has now been flagged a stunning 21 times in 12 games, which apparently puts him in position to break the rather dubious record of 22 penalties by an individual player, set by legendary Houston Texans offensive tackle Chester Pitts.

While accruing this many penalties is obviously ridiculous, Browner is also failing miserably in pass coverage. The Panthers aren’t exactly overflowing with talent at wide receiver, and yet Browner was beaten repeatedly on Sunday, with both Ted Ginn Jr and Jerricho Cotchery running circles around him.

Browner gave up several scores and was clearly being targeted by Carolina. If not for the unpredictable hands of Ginn and occasional inaccuracy of Cam Newton, it could have been far worse.

This amazing performance didn’t go unnoticed, catching the eye of Shannon Sharpe, who took to the Twitter with some fairly gentle criticism, which Browner apparently spotted, setting off an amusing exchange.



Browner, who was named a defensive co-captain before the season, is in the first season of a three-year deal with New Orleans. As much of this money is guaranteed, it's unlikely the Saints will simply cut him loose, regardless of how poorly he plays.

In addition, because the Saints lack depth or experience at corner, they'll probably continue to run him out there, for good or ill.

Please avert your eyes.