Bill Belichick Hates Tim Tebow

Published on 10-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Bill Belichick Hates Tim Tebow

Remember a few weeks ago when I reported that the New England Patriots may be interested in Tim Tebow? Well, according to the latest word out of the Boston area, Tebow's chances of becoming a Patriot are basically slim to none.

And Slim left town.

Why? Patriots head coach Bill Belichick hates Tebow as a player and doesn't want the dog-and-pony show that comes with him, which seems to be the main mantra teams are using to respond about their reluctance to even bring Tebow in for a tryout.

Tebow's hometown team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, have been in a battle this past week with their fan base on this issue. How bad do some fans want Tebow in a Jaguar uniform?

Some rich lawyer in town bought an ad that basically begs the team to bring Tebow home to Florida, but the Jags and their owners have zero interest in doing that, which echoed the sentiments of other fans in that Tebow-torn city.

Although ironically, Tebow's numbers with Denver were a lot better than the Jags' starting quarterback, Blaine Gabbert.

If Tebow had just gone to Jacksonville when they wanted him, he could be playing in the NFL as we speak, but as we all know now, Tebow choose the backward Jets, which he learned the hard way to be a huge mistake.

No one wants to go to the New York Jets these days. Not even their fans.

So where does he go from here? Maybe Canada, which might provide the opportunity to rebuild his confidence and reputation, as Montreal Alouettes' general manager Jim Popp said to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. The Alouettes hold Tebow's CFL rights. They also have a 40-year-old quarterback who they think is better than Tebow. He might be.

Even he acknowledged that part of Tebow's issue is the sideshow.

"Part of it is actually the media circus," Popp said. "Nobody wants that, and that's too bad for Tim. But they're not going to touch him. In Canada, he could escape that to a degree. And rebuild his career."

The pass-happy CFL would certainly be a proving ground for Vinny Testaverde's claim that he and Chris Weinke have fixed Tebow's throwing mechanics.

At least the good news for Tebow is that according to a recent poll, he is still one of the most influential athletes in the country. Now, if that could only help him get an NFL tryout ...