Behind Enemy Lines: Pack WR Does an 'Owen Wilson'

Published on 16-Mar-2013 by Davis McGregor

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Behind Enemy Lines: Pack WR Does an 'Owen Wilson'

Star receiver Greg Jennings has just signed a 5-year $47.5 millions dollar contract. Quite a bit of dosh, but worth it for the Green Bay Packer to keep their stud wide out.

Oh wait, that’s not a Packers jersey. It’s a Vikings one.

Displeased with not getting the long-term deal he was looking for in Wisconsin, Jennings jumped ship and flew over to Minnesota to have a talk with the Vikings. This is reminiscent of another time when a Packers star went to the NFC North rival Vikes. Brett Farve did it just a few years ago.

Wait. Never mind; Farve retired after he left the Packers. Right?

For Mike McCarthy’s sake, let's hope these two aren’t setting a trend. The last thing a cheesehead wants to see is Aaron Rodgers running around in a purple uniform, too.

The idea of a 5-year contract fits perfectly into Jennings' plans for his career. He was hoping to lock up some sort of deal that would take him into his mid-thirties. That was just what he got ... and then some. The $47.5million dollar contract beefs up his previously salary by nearly $6million per year. No surprise they had to pay him the big bucks to agree to play in yet another city whose average temperature is about 10 degrees. That also means that, should the Metrodome’s roof collapse again and fill the inside with snow, Jennings would feel right at home, just like when he was skating around on the frozen tundra they call Lambeau.

This acquisition is key for the Vikings to retain a strong presence within their division. Taking away a weapon from their biggest threat is definitely a plus. Right now, the Packers' starting receiver is James Jones, which means if he goes down with an injury, they might just be calling BJ Raji’s name when it comes down to Hail Mary time.

Right about now is when the Packers wish Aaron Rodgers had helped them out with a little (discount) double-check of their wide receiver depth before letting Jennings walk away. With that being said, kudos to the Vikings front office for this offseason pickup.

And to the Packers administration? C’mon, man!