The Beast Mode Gets Media Day; The Shield's Still Clueless

Published on 30-Jan-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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The Beast Mode Gets Media Day; The Shield's Still Clueless

For younger demographics, the NFL is beginning to resemble that big-finned whale of a car that Granddad keeps in the garage.

It's the totality of excess. It ignores its impact on every aspect of its surroundings. It's planned obsolescence at its thrilling best but too big to care.

That hulk of stylized steel is something to see, but it's just ... not ... them. Because they live in the modern world.

And it's a world where the NFL can't avoid the fact that Super Bowl media day is more circus than press event:

Au contraire. Lynch had a lot to say. The Shield was just too tone deaf to hear it, which is nothing new. Instead, they were ready to pop Beast Mode for a cool half-mil to make himself available to a crowd that included these stalwart journalists and assorted mike carriers:

Super Bowl media day

This season, more than ever, shows the crass hypocrisy that is Roger Goodell's realm.

But Lynch is real. Instead of The Shield's whiter-than-white-collar detachment, Beast Mode has become the prototypical 21st century corporate conglomerate of the people. His presence is amongst the people. Where they shop right now.

And Beast Mode knows where his audience is.

So when The Shield obliviously operates as fashion nazis, Lynch's stature only grows among a market the league itself should be doing more to accommodate.

There'd be much better mileage in that route. Beast Mode is already on it.