Bears Drop Everything in Yet Another Loss

Published on 28-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Bears Drop Everything in Yet Another Loss

NFL games involving the Chicago Bears should really come with some sort of disclaimer or parental advisory warning.

It's simply irresponsible to allow women and children to watch such a display of complete futility.

In one more ugly loss in a season filled with ugly losses, the Bears really went above and beyond.

Forced to start the inept Matt Barkley in place of injured starter Jay Cutler, the Bears dropped a seemingly impossible 10 passes in a  27-21 loss to the Tennessee Titans at Soldier Field.

It wasn't just one dude either, as a medley of Bears wideouts came down with an acute case of the dropsies.

The aforementioned Barkley, who was making his very first NFL start, actually looked like a competent QB and deserved a much better fate. Despite the drops, he threw for 316 yards and three scores.

Granted, much of this damage was done in the fourth quarter against the always accommodating prevent defense, but the dude was still making some quality throws.

Back to the drops, though:

Here's one from Marquess Wilson:

They did manage to get in the end zone after that hatchet job.

This next one would have probably won the game late:

Thanks for playing, Deonte Thompson.

There was also another egregious drop by Josh Bellamy two plays earlier that also could've won it for the Bears.

Here's one more item that may frighten you:

Please avert your eyes.