Ballghazi's Biggest Benefactor: LaGarrette Blount

Published on 21-Jan-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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Ballghazi's Biggest Benefactor: LaGarrette Blount

It's hard to believe an incredible Seattle Seahawks comeback to win the AFC title could be overshadowed by a blowout.

But that's life the NFL this year.

New England won the AFC championship, 45-7, in every way imaginable.

And by the looks of things, a fair amount of imagining went into it.

So now, with the entire two week break before Super Bowl XLIX, a veritable jet stream of hot air will be spent on balls with less air.

Ready ... Set ... Speculate:

If those dudes are inviting other thoughts, then why not go outside the box?

First of all, if it was ever doubted that the NFL is run by insulated kajillionaires, the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson escapades sorted that out in spades, so they deserve every headache they get. These dudes throw nickels around like manhole covers when it comes to looking after the little people who handle the small details, like between-play eye candy and, apparently, footballs.

In that respect, we've seen fit to add an appropriate soundtrack since this little report didn't. So feel free to click both at roughly the same time. You're welcome:

Secondly, one of the Patriots' counter-arguments in their defense is that LaGarrette Blount pounded the ball 30 times for 148 yards and three touches, and that offensive production alone was enough to win. Tom Brady only had to hand the ball off to him. Where's the advantage?

Yeah, right. Ask Sigmund Freud about that one.

Did Blount -- or any other runner for that matter -- even come close to fumbling?

Think about it.

Maybe the ballboys like that firm-but-supple grip as much as the Pats. Maybe they lost track of time before the game. Can't see any red-blooded NFL players complaining, either.

And what a perfect way for the NFL suits to lay all this on someone besides a 'name' coach.

They're probably putting in a call to ex-FBI agent and current elbow-rubber Robert Mueller right now.