Back Door Questions: Ignorant NFL Gets Pwned in Gay Jeopardy

Published on 3-Mar-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Back Door Questions: Ignorant NFL Gets Pwned in Gay Jeopardy

Host: Welcome back to 'Gay Jeopardy'...The board is yours, NFL.

NFL: I'll take 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' for four hundred, please.

Host: A sport that has had gay players before, has gay players now, and will continue to have gay players in future ... Yes, NFL?

NFL: What is "I like girls"?

Host: No, that's not right ... NHL?

NHL: What is "every sport"?

Host: Correct.

NFL (to NHL): I'm gonna kick your ass after this.

NHL: Stop thinking about my ass.

NFL: Why, I oughta ...

Host: You're in control, NHL.

NHL: I'll take 'Chris Kluwe' for eight hundred, please.

NFL: Sold! You can have him for free if you like.

Host: Finish Kluwe's quote to censorial Mayland politician, Emmett Burns: "If gay marriage becomes legal, are you worried that all of a sudden you'll start thinking about ...?" ... Yes, NFL?

NFL: What is "Chris Culliver"?

Host: I'm sorry; that is incorrect.

NFL: What is "Really Sensitive Chris Culliver"?

Host: Definitely not ... NBA?

NBA: What is "Penis"?

NFL (turns quickly): Where?

Host: Yes, "Penis" is the answer.

NFL (looking skyward): Jerry Buss, if you're up there, help a brother out ...

Host: Time for 'Final Gay Jeopardy' ... Category is "Homosexuality is Awesome" ... NFL, I see you've already written your answer?

NFL: Yes ... I wrote "Who is Manti Te'o's hot girlfriend"?

Host: NFL, I think you should leave the stage now.

NFL: I thought you'd never ask.