Are Some NFL Teams Considering Passing on QBs in the First Round?

Published on 14-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Are Some NFL Teams Considering Passing on QBs in the First Round?

The latest war room rumor is since there isn't an Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III in this year's draft, several NFL teams are thinking about filling other needs in the first round.

I find that hard to believe, but according to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, it may be the case.

"I’ve heard that at least four quarterback-needy teams -- Houston (first pick), Jacksonville (3), Cleveland (4), and Oakland (5) -- are strongly considering passing on quarterbacks with their first picks and waiting until their second or third selections. Simple reason: They’re not in love with any of the quarterbacks, and there are too many other good players who are surer things than a quarterback you have sincere doubts about."

King's entry also has draft guru Gil Brandt saying six signal-callers will be selected in Round 1. So this may be further grist for the mill as to why those four teams are viewing the world through a different shade of sunglasses.

You know, ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd said something interesting today. He thinks the NFL is may be trying too hard to make everyone who comes out of college a superstar. He may have a point.

Cowherd's argument is that there's a surfeit of solid players in the draft this season and just because there aren't many quarterbacks with obvious star quality doesn't mean they're going to be busts.

But sometimes waiting works, as if that was the plan in this case:

Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens was not in the spotlight coming out of Delaware, but now he's a Super Bowl winner. The same could be said of Colin Kaepernick at Nevada, but he's taken his team to two NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl.

Perhaps NFL scouts are expecting too much because they've been burned the last few years.

So, to a certain extent I can see what they're saying. But those four teams -- who desperately need a quarterback -- may be about to make a huge mistake by passing on guy because he isn't Luck or Griffin. 

If they wait until the second round, and Brandt is correct with his prediction, the quarterback they may want could well be long gone to a better team, leaving them with egg on their faces and probably another run of bad seasons.