Another ACL Bites the Dust

Published on 28-May-2014 by Towner Park

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Another ACL Bites the Dust

It's that time of year for NFL football players.

With every scheduled practice, OTA, training regimen, and/or at-home personal workout, some notable NFL player usually becomes victimized by that dreaded ACL tear.

She's a seductress. She's a temptress. She's a maneater.

And she just so happened to gobble up one of the best linebackers in the NFL.

Sean Lee, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, suffered an ACL tear in his left knee when he was engaged with the Cowboys' newly-drafted rookie, right guard Zack Martin. Keep your eyes on No 50:

Lee is an unbelievable talent who is the heart and soul of the Cowboys' defense. With this latest injury, he will probably miss the entire 2014 NFL season. That's not just devastating for him, it's a disastrous hit for the Dallas defensive schemes.

Lee has battled numerous injuries over the course of his career. While playing for Penn State in 2008, Lee tore his ACL in his right knee and no less than one year later, Lee partially tore the ACL in his left knee.

But honestly, what defensive player doesn't battle injuries? Lee has played through pain on numerous occasions, but since his rookie campaigin in 2010, he's missed at least one game each season due to a variety of injuries.

Dallas is now scrambling, looking for viable replacement who can fill in for Lee. That's not an easy task to complete considering Lee is a tackling machine who causes headaches for opposing offenses.

Keep in mind, in 2012, Lee only managed to play in six games that season and still finished fourth on the Cowboys' stat sheet with 58 total tackles. That's a mind-boggling testament to his value.

At least NFL players aren't foreign to the notion of compassion. Robert Griffin III, of the Washington Redskins, posted a very thoughtful message about Lee upon hearing the injury.


He'll probably be thanking the heavens even more in a couple of months when Lee isn't chasing him all over the field..