An Eagle without Any Wings

Published on 29-Mar-2014 by Towner Park

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An Eagle without Any Wings

Usually after a stellar season where you post career highs in receptions, yards, and match your career high in receiving touchdowns, you're in line for some noteworthy praise and possibly, provide yourself leverage for future contract negotiations. 

Well, in DeSean Jackson's case, none of this is true. 

Instead, Jackson, at 27 years of age, is unemployed.

This will surely be temporary because his talent level is so unbelievably high, some team will surely sign him as their No 1 or No 2 wideout. 

Jackson was spectacular for Philadelphia Eagles last season.


Chip Kelly's quick-paced offense was the perfect opportunity for Jackson to showcase his talent. Under the new scheme, his offensive statistics inflated. He had already provided the Eagles with a down-the-field threat, but that facet of his game increased tenfold last season. 

Regardless of how electrifying he was, the Eagles organization, under careful consideration, decided to part ways with Jackson and release him.'s report that Jackson is affliated with gangs in Los Angeleswent viral. They never specified how deep the affliation goes, but the connection is still present, and with a murder there being part of the scenario, the wide receiver simply became too hot to handle. 

Jackson disputed the claims, of course. After all, he hasn't been arrested for anything yet.

My take is that being a gang member and being associated with gang members are two seperate matters. Like Aaron Hernandez, if you're associating yourself with the wrong type of people, something stupid is bound to happen that may directly or indirectly involve you. In Hernandez's case, it appears to be as directly as it gets.

You can't blame the Eagles here. The underlying issue is Jackson's off-the-field activities and the Eagles decided that the risk of keeping him is greater than the reward

Regardless, someone is going to sign this kid. He's too taleted to ignore but his next contract won't come until a background check much more extensive than Manhattan Jasper coach Steve Masiello's was

Hopefully, the only burning he will do is on the football field against opposing defenders, rather than the burning bridges he left on his way to the unemployment line.