An Afterthought: The Actual Game Between Miami and Tampa Bay

Published on 11-Nov-2013 by Towner Park

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An Afterthought: The Actual Game Between Miami and Tampa Bay

Check the Bovada data tool on our Home page for the line and a wealth of details about tonight's Monday Night matchup:

Miami Dolphins: -3

In the NFL's Week 10, who would have thought that this game would be more intriguing outside the lines than on the gridiron? With the publicity mess that Miami is facing on a daily basis regarding the Johnathan Martin/Richie Incognito incident, the Dolphins have problems within their lockeroom to be resolved before they even step on the field. However, here we are, midway through the NFL season, and the Dolphins aren't afforded the luxury of a personal timeout.

The game itself is virtually an afterthought. It's a truly embarrassing time for the Miami organization, and with these distractions, the Phins seem doomed for a downward turn after an inconsistent 4-4 start to their season.

Tampa Bay, on the other hand, is heading into this game as the underdog, as they should. The Buccaneers are in the midst of a horrific 0-8 season. Their lone bright star is former Pro Bowler Vincent Jackson, but the promising potential of their young QB Mike Glennon began to show rays of hope in the Bucs' near upset of Seattle.

With the emotional anguish that's hovering over the Dolphins right now, I seriously doubt they pull out a win tonight. But then again, what incentive does Tampa Bay have to win now? Like I previously stated, the game itself really offers nothing of significance. Despite the lackluster appeal, I'll be watching because it is Monday and it is football. I can't pass that up.

Althought competitive at times, Tampa Bay's offense has been dreadful up until last week in the Pacific Northwest. I'm sure the notion of tanking the season has been circulating amongst Bucaneer administrative personnel, but it seems that in the locker room, Bruce's Boys think they actually have enough left in the tank to finally get into the win column.

I think they will. Tampa Bay 21 Miami 14

My prediction: Tampa Bay   +3



Result ... Tampa Bay 22 Miami 19     Buccaneers cover