Adam Vinatieri Stubbornly Refuses to Miss a Kick

Published on 18-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Adam Vinatieri Stubbornly Refuses to Miss a Kick

It's important in life not to take things for granted.

You know, things like family, friends, and health.

Oh, and Adam Vinatieri.

The Indianapolis Colts placekicker is in the midst of a ridiculous streak at the moment, one that could become historic as early as next week.

Vinatieri just hit three fields goals in Houston without a miss, giving him 41 consecutive makes.

Please take a moment to fully absorb that number.

Dude is now one away from tying the record held by Mike Vanderjagt.

Yes, the Mike Vanderjagt!

But we digress.

Vinatieri's level of consistency is remarkable. And this dude is 43 years old!

In a league where many teams cycle through multiple kickers every year, the Adam bomb has been a beacon in the storm.

It seems like eons have passed since Vinatieri was winning Super Bowls with money kicks for the Patriots.

Remember this?

How about this one?

And lest we forget, dude kicked in New England for seven years before Hoodie & the Gang decided to trade him in for a younger model.

How disrespectful.

But it didn't faze Legatron.

He's now in his 11th season with the Colts.

Where does the time go?

Also, it bears mentioning that Vinatieri has converted nine consecutive field goals from 50 yards and beyond.

Just wow.

You know, he may never miss again.

The old man is aged to perfection, like a fine wine, or maybe a good whiskey.