Absolutely Poor Fansmanship

Published on 29-Oct-2013 by Towner Park

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Absolutely Poor Fansmanship

As social media platforms balloon, more and more controversial comments/opinions/outlandish remarks are being thrown around without the slightest bit of compassion put forth by the writer.

This introductory statement stems from a comment that was made after the Redskin-Broncos game.

While scanning through one particular social media site, with the intention to find something of substance, I stumbled across an absolutely thoughtless and utterly cruel comment that angered me not only as a sports fan but as a human being, too.

The comment read, "You're welcome, NFC East, we just blew out RGIII's other knee. Go Broncos."

Now, I'm not even a fan of either team, but that comment was rash, mindless, unforgiving, and cruel.

Regardless of whether or not a specific injury -- especially to a stud player -- gives the opposition a leg up, supporting and applauding that injury is utterly disgraceful. Needless to say, it was a dispectful comment that should not have been made. It was a true sign of this individual's character because he never revised it, deleted it, or offered any type of apology for making such a stupid comment.

No one should ever applaud an injured player. Ever. If roles were reveresed, how would you feel if you were the one injured and someone was pointing at you and applauding?

This happens far too much. Too many times I have seen struggling professional athletes become victims of poor fansmanship. Once these professionals injure themselves, their so called "fanbase" applauds their misfortune so that a replacement whom they believe can play more effectively can get into the game. It's seriously a shame, and it's trickled down the athletic levels.

How many times have we seen high school coaches and even Little League players and coaches exemplify this trend? With the advent of YouTube as well as other multimedia outlets, players, fans, and people in general have easy accessibility to this nonsensical behavior.

All I can do is my bit to make sure that these remarks are made public so that people can see how ridiculous and unnecessary they truly are.

Regardless, in order for us to act accordingly, we must lead by example. As an young adult, I believe it's my duty to spread the word about how unncessary this behavior and thought process is. No one should advocate this. It shouldn't be linked to sports, and unfortunately, every disgruntled fan with an irrational thought and access to a keyboard, can perpetuate this trend.

Look, I get the fact that sports is passionate entertainment, and for the prices fans pay, they're entitled to their criticism. Even harsh criticism. It's a tough world out there, and if you've put yourself in the spotlight, you're fair game.

But there's a line between razzing poor performance and cheering personal misfortune. And it's not fine.