A Viking Debacle

Published on 22-Oct-2013 by Towner Park

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A Viking Debacle

The three-headed monster for the Minnesota Vikings is surely stirring up quite the QB controversy.

Any way you look at it, the situation is gradually becoming worse.

In 2011, Christian Ponder was drafted 12th overall for Minnesota. I personally believe he was overvalued as a first-round pick.

As a Florida State fan, I watched Ponder gradually progress into a solid quarterback at the collegiate level. Although he was injury-prone and his arm strength was average at best, I believed his QB IQ and mental fortitude could possibly propel him into a starter's role for an NFL team. With the right fit, I still think he could be successful, and with the ever-so-dangerous Adrian Peterson relieving the pressure on him, he should have excelled in Minnesota. However, that hasn't been the case.

I think Josh Freeman is a temporary fix. He has tremendous arm strength, but his focus and inability to consistently hit receivers is more risk than reward delivered. Matt Cassell isn't that much better. He had some solid years in Kansas City but certainly isn't filling Minnesota's needs right now.

Therefore, Minnesota is stuck with no option other than Freeman. They have endorsed him and are now  committed to him for the rest of the season. While they could throw Christian Ponder back into the mix, barring an injury to Freeman, it's unlikely. He's had his shot and is now destined to toting a clipboard for the balance of his time in the Twin Cities.

This scenario certainly isn't helping Leslie Frazier's plea for one more season with the Vikings. He may get another chance to prove himself somewhere because I think he's a solid NFL head coach. He just has lousy QBs right now, which are negating his team any chance to be competitive this year.

Look forward to the 2014 draft, Minnesota. I think you're going to need to trade up for a solid NFL QB prospect. With Teddy Bridgewater -- and maybe even Marcus Mariota -- available, make a move. It's the best way to cure what ails you in a hurry.

It may be your only move.