49ers Linebacker Arrested for Making a Bomb Threat

Published on 13-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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49ers Linebacker Arrested for Making a Bomb Threat

What in the world is going on with the San Francisco 49ers?

First, quarterback Colin Kaepernick being investigated for sexual assault, now linebacker Aldon Smith being arrested for yelling "Bomb!" at Los Angeles International Airport.

Really? Smith has had a troubled past, but what in the hell was he thinking? Apparently nothing.

This is how it went down, according to reports from TMZ:

San Francisco 49ers superstar Aldon Smith was just arrested at LAX after allegedly yelling “bomb” in the airport terminal …

Witnesses at the airport say Smith was very loud when cops arrived to the scene. 

We’re told the drama started at the gate, where Smith was trying to board a plane. We’re told he got into an argument with one of the people working at the gate.

Wait a minute. Superstar? In whose world?

Anyway, how much do you want to bet that alcohol was involved? Smith has been in trouble twice for DUIs, and it sounds like drinking was again the problem.

But even if he was drinking or whatever, what would possessed you to scream Bomb! at an airport? Did he not know that's considered a terrorist threat?

If he didn't, he does now.

Question is, after this latest incident, what will the 49ers do? Because more than likely, Smith is going to miss a few games next season if the NFL has anything to say about it.

And maybe more if the LAPD has something to say about it. And they're in that sort of mood these days.