Wrap-Around TD Grab Sends Youngstown State to FCS Title Game

Published on 18-Dec-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Wrap-Around TD Grab Sends Youngstown State to FCS Title Game

So, this is what happens when hell freezes over.

Eastern Washington's garishly red turf is known as the Inferno.

More imposing is the fact that the Eagles came into the FCS playoffs seeded No 2 behind five-time winner North Dakota State.

Well, the Bison are about to be former champions, compliments of James Madison. And Youngstown State capped the other semi-final upset on an incredible last play from scrimmage in icy Cheney, Washington:

Eastern spent that last second was spent trying to do an FCS version of California vs Stanford v1982.

However, there were no trombone players to serve as a point of reference.

Suffice to say the Penguins' fantastic finish is right up there. They outpaced the Eagles, 20-7, in the final quarter to seal the deal.

Kevin Rader's Hug of Triumph could also be seen as a unique way of staying warm in near-zero temperature. Fans in attendance were trying everything, too.

Helpful hint: Boda bags filled with 7up and bourbon are much more convenient.

Full marks to Bo Pelini, too.

Dude was canned at Nebraska because he could only win nine games a season. He returned to his hometown to assume the reins of a moribund Penguins program -- incidentally, check the water girl's expression in that link's photo; looks like she just heard a discouraging word -- and has now led them to the FCS final in a mere two seasons.

That's almost as quick as this dude:

The upshot is that a 24-team field has been pared down to a No 4 seed in James Madison and an at-large Youngstown State.

In another, more rational world, one could slot a No 4 Washington against, say, an at-large Michigan into a similar bracket quite easily.

If only.