Winston Suspended for Stealing Crab Legs

Published on 30-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Winston Suspended for Stealing Crab Legs

As if Florida State needed any more bad publicity, here comes another broadside against quarterback Jameis Winston.

Apparently, the current Heisman holder was arrested by the Tallahassee Police Department for stealing crab legs out of the Publix grocery store.

Leon County Sheriff said Winston left Publix without paying for $32 worth of seafood. He then told deputies that he "forgot" to pay for the items. Mmmhm. How do you forget to pay for crab legs?

No surprise; he won't be charged.  

Hard to believe, huh, folks?

The Heisman winner wanted crab legs so badly that he shoplifted them from from the seafood department. Now, how he did it, I have no idea. I've been to Publix, and stealing crab legs is not easy to do. But what the hell is Winston thinking? If at all?

He barely escaped a well-publicized rape accusation, and now he's in a grocery store stealing food? Really, Jameis?

The Seminoles at least took action by suspending him from the baseball team, but in all seriousness, the university has a problem.

They have a popular player who apparently thinks he's bigger than the program. Florida State is already being investigated by the Feds for how they handled the Winston rape case, and now this.

My question is, when is enough going to be enough for the 'Noles? How much longer are they going to allow Winston to get away with this?

What is it going to take? His murdering someone or knocking over a liquor store before the coaches and administration to get the message that he's got some serious social issues?

I've said before that I don't think Winston will make to the 2014 season, but I figured it would be because of the Feds coming down hard on the school for violating Title XI laws. However, if he keeps this up, he'll be gone before summer school starts.

Jimbo Fisher has to be kicking himself for letting former back-up QB Jacob Coker transfer because, if things keep going in this direction, he'll be starting over yet again looking for an elite signal-caller.

And maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing.