Winston Skirting Trouble Again

Published on 3-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Winston Skirting Trouble Again

The Jameis Winston may be in hot water again. 

According to Deadspin -- damn, we love that site! -- the Florida State quarterback was questioned by school officials when his two roommates were charge with violating school conduct rules.

Deadspin is reporting the two teammates, Chris Casher and Ronald Darby, were recently charged with five violations of the university’s code of conduct, according to the source, who spoke with Deadspin on condition of anonymity because the university’s proceedings were confidential. Winston doesn’t currently face any conduct charges.

In statements given to investigators late last year, Casher and Darby both said they witnessed Winston having sex with his accuser. Casher also said he’d walked into the room “to see if the female would agree to allow Casher to participate in the sex acts that were occurring.” Denied, he filmed the two having sex on his cell phone. He told investigators he’d deleted the video and discarded the phone.

Both Casher and Darby face charges from the university of “conduct of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for another person” and “acts that invade the privacy of another person.” Casher faces an additional charge of “recording of images without consent.” If found responsible in a university hearing, they could receive punishments ranging from a letter of reprimand to expulsion from school.

Now, when Winston was asked by the school what took place, he pleaded the Fifth, and according to his lawyers, there is nothing anybody can do about it . Or at least, that's what he thinks. 

Now that their academic careers are on the line, let's see if these two roommates will talk about what really happened that night. Or, will they fall on their swords to save their friend?

The police may not be able to charge their starting quarterback, but the university still has avenues of action available to it. Maybe a pro career in football or baseball isn't that far off for Winston