Winston Decision Won't Come this Week

Published on 25-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Winston Decision Won't Come this Week

No news is good news in the Jameis Winston case.

At least, it's good news for Winston. Nothing damaging enough to have him suspended from the Florida State football team has been revealed.

State Attorney Willie Meggs announced over the weekend that no decision will be made in this case prior to Thanksgiving.

That's the good news. Whether there's bad news is still unknown. If it does come after the holiday, it would put the controversy squarely in the middle of the build-up to the ACC Championship game. Putting it mildly, that could be a huge distraction.

Florida State has a rule -- Student Conduct Code, Section 5, Article 1 -- that if any athlete is charged with a crime, he or she is immediately dismissed from the team.

Despite all that's been swirling around them, Winston and the Seminoles are still playing well -- as if a blowout of Idaho is any way to determine what 'playing well' is -- and he continues to lead the Heisman list. For now.

Winston's closest competition -- most assume those to be Johnny Manziel and Marcus Mariota -- didn't exactly distinguish themselves in losses on Saturday. Still, Winston's chances have dimmed in the eyes of many voters, no matter what the news may be on his case. The fact that he's even got a case is troubling to many of them. It could be that if Alabama's quarterback AJ McCarron has a good game against Auburn Saturday, he may be the one to step up.

Time will tell, but the waiting game for Jameis Winston -- and Seminole Nation -- continues. That may be worse than knowing.