Winston Calls Canes FSU's 'Little Brother'

Published on 31-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Winston Calls Canes FSU's 'Little Brother'

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston may have a little Johnny Manziel swag in him, after all.

When asked about Seminoles' rivalry with Miami, Winston referred to the Canes as FSU's little brother.

“It’s more of like a brotherly game,” Winston said. “Miami is obviously down south, and it’s a big rivalry. But it’s like we’re going to be in the backyard playing against each other and we want to beat our brother. They want to beat a big brother and we want to beat a little brother. It’s still a friendly competition."

Nice backhand, there.

Winston looks to be coyly turning the tables. Maybe he saw ESPN's 30/30 documentary on the U, where the Canes saw themselves as the big brother and the 'Noles in the role of little brother. Maybe this freshman quarterback is hinting that even little brothers own the show every once in a while.

Miami dominated this rivalry for years, so much so, that this game is no longer even considered one of the top rivalries in the country. 

But the old Canes probably laughed their patooties off when they heard what Winston had to say. They used to call the Seminoles the "wide right crew" because they missed so many field goals at the end of those games.

They were also upset back then when the 'Noles slighted them by making a music video -- featuring a young Deion Sanders -- bragging about how good they were.

Those Canes used it as motivation to beat Bobby Bowden's boys.

Jimbo Fisher's crew better hope these Canes don't use his freshman's words to movitiate themselves this coming Saturday. Then again, he may not care. It's time the fire got lit again in this series.