Weekend Winners? Too Early to Tell

Published on 16-Nov-2015 by Chips 10

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Weekend Winners? Too Early to Tell

The convoluted logic that anoints the College Football Playoff's Featured Four put a few more brush strokes to its graffiti this pas weekend.

Fortunately, winning still counts for something.

But it doesn't account for everything.

And no matter who tries to justify it, the system's ridiculous. And to think it's tolerated by some of this country's institutions of higher learning.

Clemson struggled on the road, as Syracuse was actually trying to beat them. No knock against the Orange; they simply figured that was why they showed up.

So full marks to the Tigers for doing what they came to do. Screw style points.

Ohio State also remained undefeated by beating yet another team with a losing record. At least they did it with JT Barrett back at the helm:

The Buckeyes now face their version of the Big XII backload, as Michigan State, Michigan, and most likely Iowa are next up.

Alabama made easy work of Mississippi State and their Cowbell Brigade, so they're in position to cruise into the SEC title game. The Crimson Tide set the tone early on:

How about the chattering that one of the losers who actually won was Notre Dame?

The Irish continue to win despite all their injuries, toying with Wake Forest, 28-7. The cool part was fourth-string tailback Josh Adams galloping the length of the field. Stay tuned.

The perception is that Temple and Stanford need to keep winning for the Irish to be one of the anointed. That would be the story line to keep things clean for the committee, wouldn't it?

One of the scenarios that could hasten playoff expansion is Notre Dame crashing the party. Since the Owls and Cardinal are both having strong seasons, it's not like they're any less strong. Temple looked pretty damn good against and Notre Dame, and no doubt Stanford will, too.

The Irish can't be faulted for Kevin Hogan fumbling twice in the late stages against Oregon.

Dude, it's Palo Alto, California. And that missed conversion didn't make the Cardinal any weaker.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State ventured up to its own personal house of horrors in Ames. Remember 2011, when 26-point underdog Iowa State took No 2 Oklahoma State into double overtime and scrambled the even crazier BCS scenario?

Maybe Donald Trump had a point; there must be something in the corn up there. But not enough of it:

Meanwhile, Oklahoma's Sooners were busy avenging last year's track meet loss to Baylor:

If the Sooners do a double at home against TCU and the Cowboys, the'll be in the mix even though they lost to Texas. Baker Mayfield has become one of the best quarterbacks in the country and will be hard to stop for the rest of the season.

With Stanford losing to Oregon out West, every team in the Pac-12 has two losses.

Isn't parity the dream of every conference? Apparently, not when a four-team playoff is on the line.

The Pac-12's non-con record was 28-8 with Stanford v Notre Dame pending. Just a guess, but if that was the SEC, odds are the talk would be a two-loss titlist played a strong sked and is deserving of anointment.

At least, that's the way it was in 2007. Flash those rings, LSU!

LSU national champs 2007

The CFP. What a great leap forward.