Wanna Expedite CFP Expansion? Pull for Boise State Tonight

Published on 4-Sep-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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Wanna Expedite CFP Expansion? Pull for Boise State Tonight

An eight-team College Football Playoff format is inevitable.

The only question is when it happens.

Sports Illustrated's Campus Rush makes the sound case that it's gonna take a dissed big brand like Notre Dame or the SEC to move up the timetable. That's probably accurate.

One of the scenarios for that eventuality is an Other Five team earning a spot in the bracket. Realistically, there's only one candidate for that role:

Well, last year at the Fiesta Bowl, Arizona forgot:

It takes more than trick plays to be that consistent. The Broncos are the classic example of detailed coaching. They take the three-stars and other leftovers from Power Five pickings and mold them into winners year after year.

Winners who will play anyone, anywhere and are totally capable of prevailing.

And this year, the stars are aligned in such a way that Boise State will prevail a lot:

Fri 4 Sep ... vs Washington   Fri 16 Oct ... at Utah State
Sat 12 Sep ... at Brigham Young   Sat 24 Oct ... vs Wyoming
Fri 18 Sep... vs Idaho State   Sat 31 Oct ... at UNLV
Fri 25 Sep ... at Virginia   Sat 14 Nov ... vs New Mexico
Sat 3 Oct ... vs Hawaii   Fri 20 Nov ... vs Air Force
Sat 10 Oct ... at Colorado State   Fri 27 Nov ... at San José State

That table is runnable.

With three Power Five non-con opponents -- or considered as such -- if the Broncos hold serve in the early going, they'll be in the CFP conversation.

  • Yes, the Cavaliers are low-hanging fruit, but it's a three time-zone road trip.
  • BYU will be an emotionally charged affair; lotsa Mormon roots in southern Idaho.
  • The Big Sky's Idaho State is clearly a politically-sopped match-up.
  • The Mountain West road games in Ft Collins, Logan, and Las Vegas could be speed bumps.

Hopes are justifiably high in the Gem State's capital, and no game on the schedule has the city as pumped as tonight's.

Based on two-deeps, Chris Petersen's squad is one of the nation's youngest. Meanwhile, the Broncos' Bryan Harsin is considered to be among the brightest young minds in the game, and his club is well-immersed in a system that was implemented under Dan Hawkins, refined under Petersen to the tune of a 92-12 record, and didn't miss a beat in transition last season.

They'll be going tonight as 13-point favorites, as confirmed by Bovada's data tool on the Home page:

Washington at Boise State

And virtually every college football fan outside of Husky Nation is looking for them to put on the first in a season series of mind-changing shows.