Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas Gets Absolutely Destroyed in Sun Bowl

Published on 2-Jan-2014 by Raoul Duke

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Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas Gets Absolutely Destroyed in Sun Bowl

The 2013 Hyundai Sun Bowl quickly turned into a laugher, with UCLA pulling away for a convincing 42-12 win over Virginia Tech.

However, the game was notable for one of the more vicious hits you will likely see this bowl season.

In the second quarter, with the outcome still very much in doubt, Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas was completely annihilated by UCLA linebacker Jordan Zumwalt after completing a pass.

Have a look at this. Please avert your eyes if necessary.

That was 'way harsh.

This hit was clearly brutal, yet technically clean and totally within the letter of the law for such things.

However, Zumwalt and the Bruins were penalized 15 yards for a personal foul, although the hit was not deemed a targeting foul.

Hmmm, so what exactly was the problem here?

CBS color man Gary Danielson, who frequently makes a lot of sense, correctly pointed out that this was a perfectly legal shot, and it was clear Zumwalt did not launch himself to deliver the blow.

Therefore, exactly what conclusion are we to draw from this call? It appears the flag was thrown simply because of the violent nature of the hit and because Thomas was injured on the play. These are not justifiable reasons to throw a flag.

These types of calls are becoming more ambiguous with each game, and defensive players on both the collegiate and professional levels have to be completely bewildered at this point trying to determine what is considered legal contact. If this call is any indication, you can still hit the quarterback, but please try to be gentle next time.

Ironically enough, Thomas had delivered his own punishment just a few plays earlier. The Hokies quarterback rattled off a 25-yard run, blowing up UCLA linebacker Myles Jack and dragging half of the Bruins defense with him in the process. Thomas is not the most polished passer around, but at 6’6 and 260 lbs. he is rather difficult to bring down. He is also one tough dude.

Thomas did not return to the game after the hit from Zumwalt, and unfortunately for Virginia Tech, backup quarterback Mark Leal was pretty awful, throwing two picks, including one that was returned by Jack for a Bruins score.

All things considered, it was not the most pleasant bowl experience for the Hokies.