USC's CB Josh Shaw: Hero or Novelist?

Published on 27-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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USC's CB Josh Shaw: Hero or Novelist?

Once upon a time, on the second story of a SoCal building near a swimming pool ...

Or something like that.

The heartwarming story we all heard about USC cornerback Josh Shaw hurting his ankles while trying to save his nephew from drowning is apparently just that. A story.

Kind of like being shipwrecked while on a three-hour tour.

USC coach Steve Sarkisian revealed Tuesday  that the Trojans have been getting phone calls from people disputing the story. He said USC officials are "vetting" Shaw's story, but he has no reason to doubt the truth of it.

Mmm hmm.

In short, Sarkisian and his staff realize they've been had and they're waiting to confirm it before dealing with Shaw.

Current word is that all this has something to do with the police and possibly Shaw's girlfriend. 

Whatever the case may be, it doesn't sound like Shaw will come out looking like a super-hero saving the day.

More like Lex Luthor.