Top Five Reasons the SEC West Will Be Down This Year

Published on 30-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Top Five Reasons the SEC West Will Be Down This Year

Interesting observations out of the SEC West this summer.

More than one analyst is saying both Ole Miss and Mississippi State have a chance to do well in the division this year.

If they're to be believed, that means upsets over Alabama and LSU are in the offing.

That would be akin to saying the apocalypse is nigh.

Personally, I don't see it happening, but I can see why there are questions.

  • QB questions at Alabama , LSU Texas A&M ... All three teams have enjoyed the luxury of an experienced helmsman, but not this season. All three will be starting new signal callers, which could spell trouble and a letdown year. Ask Auburn what it was like to replace a Heisman winner. Now, it's the Aggies' turn.

  • Auburn's schedule ... Folks are saying the Tigers may be better this year than they were last year, but their schedule is killer. South Carolina, LSU, Georgia, Kansas State and Alabama all are on Auburn's itinerary in 2014. If they survive it, then they deserve to be SEC Champs
  • Alabama's defense ... Even though Bama still finished fairly high in defensive categories in 2013, they struggled at the end of year on defense, giving up big plays. The Tide is talanted on defense but still young. Some teams can and will take advantage of them.
  • The emergence of Arkansas ... Don't sleep on the Hogs. Head coach Bret Bilema seems to think his team will be better this year. Goodness knows it couldn't get any worse.
  • The SEC East will be better ... As good as the West is, year in and year out, the East might trump them overall in 2014. South Carolina is always good, and Georgia and Florida will be better. With so much uncertainty in the West, don't be surprised if your SEC champion is from the East this year.

So maybe the experts are right. Your West representative this year could be the Rebels or the Bulldogs. If so, get ready for the second coming.

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