Top CFP Contenders Play Name-Your-Score in Week 10

Published on 6-Nov-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Top CFP Contenders Play Name-Your-Score in Week 10

Every trial lawyer worth his healthy retainer knows this trick:

Toss out a fiery statement that's so out of line with court protocol, the judge gives him a stern warning and then instructs the jury to disregard it.

Yeah, right.

As if a dozen laypersons are gonna unhear it.

So the College Football Selection Committee chairman can haughtily huff and puff all he wants that pinball scores don't matter with his ivory-towered colleagues.

They're all passing judgment, a term that -- by its very definition -- involves human perspective.

And in Week 10, the perspective is that teams with an inside track to the playoffs are beating the snot out of their opponents whenever and wherever possible.

Is this what battling for a Featured Four invitation is supposed to look like?

Clemson 54 Syracuse 0

Washington 66 California 27

Ohio State 62 Nebraska 3

Who else followed the chalk at Bovada and made a kajillion dollars yesterday?

Sweating point spreads was about the only excitement left.

Except in Starkville, of course:

Looks like the Aggies were who The Daily Player 12 thought they were.

And, to Louisville's Bobby Petrino:

Dude! You coulda gone and laid 1000 points on Florida State if you felt like it, but unless Clemson loses twice, your Cardinals won't even get into the ACC title game.

Good luck with that.

ACC football standings

And good luck with the notion that -- in the backs of their minds, if nothing else -- the Committee members aren't noticing these results while overtly denying margins of victory.

The only way that'll happen is when the playoffs expand to become a champions-only party.