The SEC Isn't the Only Conference with Image Problems

Published on 13-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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The SEC Isn't the Only Conference with Image Problems

As I was trolling my Twitter feed this afternoon, I came across an article by Yahoo Sports columnist Pat Forde about the tarnished image of the SEC

I'm sorry, but am I missing something? The SEC isn't the only conference that has suffered a black eye recently.

Where is Forde's article on Oklahoma State and how that story in Sports Illustrated makes the Big 12 look bad? The OSU scandal is far worse than players getting paid at SEC schools. Sex, drugs, pay for play, academic fraud ... and yet, this is not worse?

Come on, Pat.

Let's turn to the ACC for minute and check out the Miami situation. Yes, the NCAA has managed to screw up this investigation, but it still doesn't erase the facts that players were paid down there, and apparently, assistant coaches knew about it. 

The ACC is supposed to be above these kinds of things because they have 'higher' standards. Tell that to Miami. 

Oh, and let's not forget about the Big Ten. That's the Big Ten who has bragged for years about how superior they were to the SEC. Yet, their main flagship school was dragged through the mud last year over tattoos and lying.

And another school was brought down by a child molester. Yet, they are the standard of integrity, at least according to them.

And last but certainty not least, the Pac 12, which was hit hard by the Oregon scandal earlier this year. Oregon, as we found out from the NCAA, is not as clean as we were lead to believe, and frankly, dodged a bullet with their punishment. Ask Chip Kelly, who bailed on his school just like Pete Carroll did, heading to the NFL -- admittedly, for a pile of cash -- to avoid the storm.

So yes Pat, the SEC has had it's share of troubles. But they aren't the only conference being called to the principal's office. 

And unfortunately, they won't be the last.