The Odd Bromance Between Johnny Manziel and AJ McCarron

Published on 1-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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The Odd Bromance Between Johnny Manziel and AJ McCarron

We've all come to expect famous bromances making the rounds.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un.

But AJ McCarron and Johnny Manziel?

Apparently, the two SEC rival quarterbacks are friends off the field despite the building rivalry between the two schools.

McCarron and Manziel aren't the first rival athletes to have formed a friendship away from the field, but what's strange is their being friends while still in school and playing against one another.

They are so close that they are even planning a trip to Mexico together. Say what you want, but that's odd and not for the reasons you are thinking.

This is SEC country. New Age has its limits down here.

You've never heard of SEC rival quarterbacks being friends, especially not while their teams will still face each other. And I wonder. Like me, does it bother the Aggie and Crimson Tide fan bases to know that their quarterbacks are besties?

If I'm an Aggie fan, I'd worry that McCarron would get the secrets to our game plan tendencies. Manziel does like to party hard, and McCarron being the veteran that he is, probably knows this. Would he betray his bro and use a 'weak' moment to an advantage? It's a gray area, to be sure.

If I'm a 'Bama fan, I'd worry that Manziel could get AJ in trouble. Manziel's 'habits' have already been put into to question by the Texas A & M administration and all it takes is one step over the line to end a promising season for either quarterback. 

Neither McCarron or Manziel seem to worry or care what people think about their friendship, but again, this is the SEC.

All the talk of friendship ends when the season begins.

That's but one more reason why Nick Saban will never visit North Korea.