The National Champions Just Got Scarier

Published on 26-Jul-2015 by Towner Park

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The National Champions Just Got Scarier

As if Ohio State needed another playmaker.

Even LeBron James should be excited for the upcoming 2015-2016 college football year.

His state of Ohio just got that much better.

And yes, I'm sure by now, James, savvy businessman and universal icon, owns the state of Ohio.

Braxton Miller, two-time Big Ten offensive player of the year and potential Heisman candidate, has decided to switch positions.

Kinda nice of the dude to wait until now before leaking the news, which tells us all we need to know about the state of Miller's recovery from shoulder surgery.

As in pending.

Last year, there was no question as to who was to lead the Buckeyes under center. But the season became a developing situation for Buckeye chuckers:

  • Miller was set to compete for a Heisman before knocks like this one in 2013 added up to a non-contact practice injury shelving him for the 2014 campaign:
  • JT Barrett stepped in and did a phenomenal job, until he suffered a fractured ankle against that team up north curtailed his season:
  • Insert Cardale Jones:

Safe to say the entire program stayed ready.

It could well be that Miller's body is doing him a favor. NFL scouts were less than lukewarm to his prospects as a signal-caller at the pro level. Now they'll be getting a more accurate read.

The shift is imposing news. The Ohio State Buckeyes, pre-season favorites to win the national championship again this year, are now able to put two of their dynamic three on the field at the same time. In so doing, they just got that much scarier.