The Famous Potato Freeze Out: Aztecs Are in the Chips

Published on 22-Dec-2013 by Coach

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The Famous Potato Freeze Out: Aztecs Are in the Chips

The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl became the 'Infamous' Idaho Potato Bowl last season, when the punter -- the punter, of all people! -- of the Ohio Bobcats tweeted his feelings about playing in Idaho in December.

Let's face it, theres nothing to do in Boise, Idaho but wait for the Rapture, and while I agree with him, a 'public' figure like that should be a tad more diplomatic about the event that, if nothing else, is going to send him home with a swag bag fit for a college football player in these modern days. 

This time around, the San Diego Aztecs and University of Buffalo Bulls were more respectful of their hosts. With temperatures in the 30s, they gladly accepted their swag:

  • A Port Authority winter coat
  • A Tiger Woods Nike golf beanie (mistress optional)
  • Scott winter ski gloves
  • An iPack backpack, and of course,
  • A Big Game football

Now, this is stuff that will continue to serve the Bulls players long after they've thawed out from the game. As to the San Diego State players returning to their eternally temperate campus, it's highly likely that city will experience a spike in re-gifting and eBay postings.

And if nothing else, with a combined record 15-9 -- which isn't bad for two non-AQ teams -- this bowl provided more video for scouts to use to evaluate Khalil Mack, the Bulls linebacker who could well be a first-round pick in this spring's draft.

A deep thinker would have raided his life savings on this game and opened a Bovada account. The logic is obvious. Buffalo players are accustomed to the cold, but San Diego State's crew isn't. So the Aztecs would have to run around like madmen just to keep warm. Put a ball in their hands, show them who has it, or show them who's going to get it, and all that directed energy could only lead to a rout.

And that's what happened.

Thus, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl made Aztecs and deep thinkers happy while Bulls scored useful parting gifts. 'Tis the season, you know.