Texas A&M Chancellor: I Just Know Manziel Is Innocent

Published on 24-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Texas A&M Chancellor: I Just Know Manziel Is Innocent

I wonder what type of Kool-Aid they serve at Texas A&M, because, apparently, they're all taking a hit of it down there this week.

Aggie Chancellor John Sharp told a radio station in College Station he believes Manziel is innocent.

"I know he's innocent," Sharp told KBTX. "I know that he didn't do what they accused him of doing."

Sharp also said he "has seen things other folks can't see" and believes that the allegations "did not happen."

I'm sure Johnny Football sat down in Sharp's office, looked him straight in his eye, declared his innocence, and that was enough for Sharp. 

Obviously, one of things he didn't see was the picture of Manziel signing memorabilia and/or the video that Joe Schad saw that accompanied it.

And by the way, if Manziel is innocent, then when will the NCAA clear him of these charges? Or is Sharp just trying to paint the governing body into a corner?

It's interesting, though, that Sharp, to this point, has been the only official from A&M who has really said anything on the matter. Coach Kevin Sumlin hasn't stood up for Manziel's innocence. Hell, even Manziel hasn't made a case for himself.

But I guess Chancellor Sharp is smarter than the rest of us and knows the real story, whatever it is at this point. Maybe he's just counting on a quirky little Texas state law that will keep the autograph brokers clammed up, denying the NCAA the witnesses they need to prove the accusations.

Until -- or if -- the NCAA sees these things, this case is still wide open with plenty of questions left to be answered.

And they'll most likely want a tad more substance than Sharp does.