TCU Coach Slams Miles

Published on 9-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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TCU Coach Slams Miles

It seems as if we weren't the only one's questioning LSU head coach Les Miles' decision -- or in this case, lack of decision -- when it came to how he handled the Jeremy Hill situation.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson ripped Miles for reinstating the Tigers' top running back, although he tried to backtrack Thursday.

Patterson had to suspend Devonte Fields from the team recently and said if he left it up to the team, like Miles did, he  would be back with the Horned Frogs in time to fact LSU.

"My whole team would vote Devonte to be back on the team because they all want to win," Patterson said. "That doesn't teach life lessons."

Fields will be serving a two-game suspension for violating team and school policy. One of those games will be the season opener against LSU on 31 August. 

Patterson tried to back off the comments later by saying he wasn't talking about Jeremy Hill nor Les Miles (*wink*), but come on, we know who he was talking about. 

He probably backed off because he didn't want the Tigers to use his comments as bulletin board material. It might be too late on that one.

But Patterson is right. He probably just should have kept his comments to himself because he didn't do him or his team a service by making them public.

He should have taken a page out of the Steve Spurrier book of comments. You only take shots at opponents and coaches that either

      a) you don't play that season, or

      b) you dominate on a regular basis (see Clemson).

You don't pop off about the team you going to play in three weeks; that's just dumb.

How much you wanna bet Hill will be back by then?

I'm sure he won't forget what was said, either.