Take 2: Looking Back at Week 8's Top Games

Published on 20-Oct-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Take 2: Looking Back at Week 8's Top Games

NCAA's Week 8 saw the Top 25 undergo more shake-ups than Scandal.

Let's take a second look at the key headlines.

West Virginia Flames On against Baylor.

Mountaineers 41 Bears 27

We thought after the Bears came back from forever to defeat TCU that nothing was going to stop this offense. Wrong!

This game reminded me of Alabama-Texas A&M in 2012. The Crimson Tide came off a huge emotional win against LSU and lost to the Aggies the following week. Well, this time, it was Baylor who got Aggied. They were still on an emotional high after erasing a huge deficit in four minutes against the Horned Frogs, suffered a letdown in Morgantown, and the Mountaineers beat them.

The Bears are still a good team, but more than likely, they're done in the playoff hunt. Baylor wasn't the only group that had a hard time after that loss. The poor couches of West Virginia did, too.

WVa couch burning

Florida State Edges Nôtre Dame on Dodgy PI Call

Seminoles 31 Fighting Irish 27

America's nightmare continues. Depsite playing poorly in most of their games this year, the Seminoles continue to win. Even I have to say this triumph over the Irish was impressive. Nôtre Dame actually looked good, which made this all the worse for those pulling for them to get the job done.

They were thisclose, too.

What really hurts is the dude's right. Brian Kelly tried to say the wideouts were fighting for space as receiving options, but did you see either one of them turn their heads to look for a pass? Didn't think so.

You know why Jimbo Fisher defends Jameis Winston? Because he needs that idiot player to bail out the D. The Noles were one play away from being beaten. Whether or not you agree with the call, it was made and it saved the Seminoles' creampuff patootie once again.


Alabama Crushes Texas A&M Like a Styrofoam Cup

Crimson Tide 59 Aggies 0

It wasn't the fact that Alabama beat the Aggies that was surprising. It was the way they did it. Bama dominated A&M on both sides of the ball.

They shut the Aggies down and out. That's never happened to a Kevin Sumlin team. It was definitely statement time for the Tide: Don't put dirt on our graves yet.

Pregame speeches can truly be an art form ...


Oklahoma Boots It against K-State

Wildcats 31 Sooners 30

Bob Stoops' team proved once again that reputations mean nothing in this season of parity. The Sooners had a chance to put his derisive nickname by bouncing back and dealing it to Kansas State. Instead, they did what they always do: find a way to lose a big game.

This time, it was special teams. When the Sooners had a chance to  tie the game, the kicker missed the extra point. When the Sooners had a chance to take the lead, the kicker blew it again.

At least he was consistent.