State of Florida Officials Don't Expect Winston to Speak to Investigators

Published on 15-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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State of Florida Officials Don't Expect Winston to Speak to Investigators

If the public is expecting to hear from  Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston about rape allegations, it may be waiting a long time.

According to William Meggs, state attorney for Florida's Second Judicial Circuit, he doesn't expect Winston to speak to investigators at all about the alleged incident.

"You can't compel him to talk," Meggs said. "He has a right against self-incrimination, so I doubt very seriously we're going to get a statement from Jameis Winston."

"Since it's now been dumped in our laps, we're going to make sure it is properly investigated," Meggs continued Friday morning at his office in downtown Tallahassee. "Whether it has been so far, I don't know.

Meggs made his comments to USA Today. No one is saying Winston won't talk, but it sounds like if he doesn't, it's going to make him look worse, and more questions will arise.

Meggs also talked about the discrepancy in height between Winston and the reports from the victim.

"I would say what y'all have doesn't tell you anything," he replied.

The interesting thing is, besides the obvious, Florida State policy says if Winston is charged, he can be kicked off the team even without a conviction. 

However, the way it sounds at this point that until Winston is given the all-clear by state officials, which they have yet to do, judgment on his guilt or innocence should be left up to the courts.

As the past has taught us -- think: the Duke Lacrosse case -- things aren't always what  they seem.

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