Stanford Kicker Somehow Hits Top of Upright

Published on 17-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Stanford Kicker Somehow Hits Top of Upright

Kickers, both collegiate and professional, can be a quirky bunch.

The very nature of the position demands a certain detachment, and the life of a football specialist is riddled with pressure moment after pressure moment.

As if the fact that every single kick can potentially define or end your career is not enough, strange things can happen on field goal attempts from time to time.

For example, lets examine the Stanford and Notre Dame matchup. The Cardinal prevailed 17-10 in South Bend, but Stanford kicker Conrad Ukropina had an interesting day.

Behold this marvel of theoretical physics.

No way that just happened.

We've seen kickers bang balls off both uprights, high and low. Sometimes, the football goes in; other times, not so much.

But this was something else entirely.

He did manage to convert his only extra point attempt, so that’s good.

He also beat Notre Dame just last season with a 45-yard field goal on the final play of the game.

Also good.

Keep kicking, my friend.