Sports Illustrated Writer Being Blasted for Okie State Article

Published on 10-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Sports Illustrated Writer Being Blasted for Okie State Article

The Twittersphere exploded today with tweets from angry Oklahoma State and Auburn fans about Sports Illustrated writer Thayer Evans.

Evans, along with another SI writer, George Dohrmann, wrote a scathing article on Oklahoma State football, which may have ramifications at schools like LSU, where former OSU coach Les Miles is coaching, and West Virginia, where a former Miles' assistant -- Joe DeForest -- now works.

But fans seem to blame Thayer's reporting rather than the players who talked in this article. Here are just a couple of these tweets:

Brett Rager tweet

Nathan Deal tweet

Chris Tsotsoros tweetsAs you can tell, fans and even some of Thayer's colleagues in his profession, such as Jason Whitlock -- who called Evans a "hack" -- do not think much of him.

Jason Whitlock tweet

Auburn fans are still upset over an article he did years ago on the Cam Newton investigation and blame him for putting the NCAA on their tails.

OSU fans feel that Thayer is somehow out to get the Cowboys. Funny how Auburn fans felt the same way a few years ago.

I always find it interesting when fans get mad at the messenger, but not the message itself. 

If what Evans and Dohrmann are saying are lies, then why are the schools involved scrambling to investigate these allegations?

Oklahoma State and West Virginia have launched investigations into these allegations levied by the SI article. 

Whether you believe Evans or not, we haven't heard the last about this. That should make OSU fans very nervous.

Maybe it should make Evans nervous, too.