Sparty Finally Wins a Conference Game

Published on 13-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Sparty Finally Wins a Conference Game

The Michigan State Spartans have been playing football in some sort of bizarro world this season.

There can't possibly be any other explanation for how a football program can plunge off a cliff so quickly. Unless you're in Oregon.

It took until the middle of November, but Sparty finally got that first elusive Big Ten victory.

Of course, it was against impossibly bad Rutgers, so an asterisk may be necessary.

Well, that's just super duper.

This win does absolutely nothing to change State's wretched season, but at least they won't go winless in conference play.

Rutgers will, though.

Sorry, it's just too easy.

Getting back to Sparty, this program actually qualified for the College Football Playoff last season.

This year, they can't even beat Illinois and will very likely finish up at 3-9, bowl-less and clueless.

But how does such a thing happen?

Kirk Herbstreit can't even figure it out.

This is Year 10 of the Mark Dantonio reign in East Lansing, and the head dude has enjoyed a pretty successful run.

Before this 2016 nightmare, the Spartans had won 36 games over the previous three seasons.

That's not bad.

However, this year will be the first to end without a bowl invite for Dantonio.

The successful coach has no doubt earned plenty of rope, but theyhe and his crew might want to figure this thing out before next season.

Just a thought.