So Who's Overrated in 2014? Candidates Already Emerging

Published on 5-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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So Who's Overrated in 2014? Candidates Already Emerging

We already have an idea who should be the best teams in college football this year.

But who may be just a little bit overrated?

Since I live and breathe in SEC country, I already have an idea or two. Well, make that three.

  1. Auburn ... San José State, Kansas State, and La Tech actually give them a 75% cupcake-light non-con slate.
  2. Texas A&M ... Manziel's chucking 'em for the Brownies now, so they may need that 12th man on the field again.
  3. Ole Miss ... Most players return, but those are the players who couldn't beat any SEC West team last season.

Outside the SEC, I'm expecting lowlights in big games from the Oklahoma Sooners. Many think their thrashing of Alabama in the Sugar Bowl means they'll contend for a national championship, but if they don't get better on defense, they won't even win the Big XII.

Let's see if they can live up to their own hype:

One last team to consider is UCLA. The Bruins may be good this season, but as long as Oregon and Stanford are around, it's going to be tough for them to get out of the Pac 12.

Let's get real, until someone else steps up in the Pac 12, it's a two team race between Oregon and Stanford. 

You may have noticed I didn't mention the ACC or the Big Ten because, basically, we already know both conferences are overrated.

With all that being said, the new college football playoff will give at least 66 schools -- Power Five plus Nôtre Dame and BYU --  a theoretical chance to make it to the national championship game. So cheeer up, ACC and Big Ten fans, you still have a chance to change my mind about how good your conferences really are.