Second Autograph Broker Comes Forward In Manziel Case

Published on 5-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Second Autograph Broker Comes Forward In Manziel Case

It's becoming quite clear in the Johnny Manziel investigation that something did happen between the flamboyant quarterback and an autograph broker or two.

Now, not only have pictures surfaced of Manziel signing collectible items, but a second broker has come out with information saying a friend and/or associated of Johnny Football asked him for money to sign memorabilia.

Reports state that Manziel was signing autographs before the Alabama game last year at Texas A&M's team hotel. 

The second broker told ESPN that he was informed Manziel would no longer sign for free, and that the quarterback’s personal assistant, Nathan Finch, said they would need money to sign stuff.

Since when do 20-year-old college quarterbacks need an assistant? And if the Manziel family is so well off, why does he even need the extra income?

What are the chances that this is what Manziel's dad was talking about in the ESPN the Magazine story?

Johnny Manziel doesn't come from the projects of Texas; he comes from a wealthy family, so this kid is not suffering in any way, shape, or form.

It seems that Johnny Football has other priorities, with football itself not being one that he ranks highly. The perception is out there that he just doesn't care, and why should he if he continues to do what he does with no consequences? Manziel has managed to put his team, his coaches, and his family between a rock and a hard place. 

The NCAA has a complicated rule book, but one particularly fundamental regulation states what every athlete should know by heart: you can not accept money. Fair or not, that is the No 1 rule of the NCAA; no pay for play, and if Manziel violated those rules, his playing days are, in all likelihood, done.

And the way things are going, that outcome might be the best thing for not only Texas A & M, but for Manziel as well.