SEC's Cupcake Weekend Drips with Game Control

Published on 22-Nov-2014 by Alan Adamsson

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SEC's Cupcake Weekend Drips with Game Control

It's so fitting that Jeff Long is the chairman of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee.

He's the AD at Arkansas, an SEC school

And he's the dude who gets to explain why Alabama, Georgia, and Auburn don't get jumped in the CFP rankings this coming Tue 25 Nov.

Can't wait to see how he game controls that.

Isn't one of the alleged principles of those rankings a progressive, start-from-scratch-each-week evaluation of the teams to that point in the season? Of course it is! Why else would the committee wait until mid-season to release its list?

Red flags of CFP credibility are ready to rise again, too:

And how, exactly, did the committee spin Alabama's game control in these little statistical inconveniences? Great question.

At least the Tide game-controlled Florida Atlantic and Southern Mississippi. But they didn't game-control the Golden Eagles in Tuscaloosa as well as Marshall's Thundering Herd game-controlled the Golden Eagles in Hattiesburg.

This is only one example. Alabama isn't alone in this perception-fest.

There's a reason The Daily Player 12 was created, with much less time -- but with much more beer and nachos -- and expense than the CFP Selection Committee's weekly junket. The CFP coulda done something similar if it truly wanted, or at least held fast to its stated priorities, like winning titles, head-to-head, and strength of schedule.

Scheduling multiple cupcakes -- with one near season's end -- is not conducive to schedule strength.

And as to meaningful game control? Share the spotlight with those who really have a clue, dudes and dudette:

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