SEC Goes Monroe Doctrine on Wolverines

Published on 10-Feb-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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SEC Goes Monroe Doctrine on Wolverines

So there JIm Harbaugh was, thinking outside the box.

Dude must've been figuring, if spring training in Florida works for the Detroit Tigers, the more Michiganders down there, the merrier.

Except the local citizenry, that is, if they happen to be members of a certain conference unto itself.

What's the word that's going unsaid here?

Oh, right: Duh!

Here's what happens when northerners start running wild in the South:

SEC country takes college football that seriously.

Think about it:

So the Wolverines are looking to do more than take their wimmin', dammit.

Harbaugh's Army actually is coming to plunder the South's greatest treasure:

Half of all 2016 FBS signees came from a clean sweep from Texas, across the Gulf of Mexico to Florida and up to North Carolina.

As if the SEC hasn't raised the cost of college football enough all by itself.

No wonder they're pissed at those Yankee bastards.